James Khoury

My name is James Khoury, and this site is a quick view of me and find some contact details.

You can find me on Facebook and Google plus. Although I have a twitter account it isn't currently in use, which is the same for my linkedin page.

I grew up on the 8 bit games and loved them. Games formed my initial interest in computers and with a few influential people encouraging me I have developed an enthusiastic interest in coding and computers. Games are still a hobby for me along with reading novels and most things computer related.

I pulled my toys apart as a kid just because I liked to look on the inside to see how they worked. Sometimes they even went back together again.
I love what I do and I enjoy programming enough to tinker with new technology when I go home. Learning is a passion of which I aim to never lose. I seek to learn new technologies as well as other non technology related skills.

James Khoury
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